Staying Safe - After the Storm

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Just because the tornado has cleared, doesn't mean you’re out of danger. Damaged power lines mean risk of electrocution and fire, and damage and debris create hazards everywhere you step.  For these reasons, using extreme caution post-tornado is equally as important as before and during the storm. 



Stay Safe Post-Tornado:


  • Check for injuries, but do not attempt to move seriously injured people unless they are in immediate danger of further injury
  • If you are trapped, try to attract attention to your location
  • Continue to monitor your radio and/or television for emergency information
  • If going outdoors, wear sturdy shoes or boots, and beware of broken glass and nails. 
  • Do not touch downed power lines or objects in contact with them
  • If you suspect any damage to your home, shut off electrical power, natural gas and propane tanks to avoid fire, electrocution or explosion
  • If you smell gas or suspect a leak, turn off the main gas valve, open all windows and leave the house immediately. Notify the gas company, or the police or fire departments.*



Did you know?

50% of tornado-related injuries occur after the storm is gone. 

The hazardous conditions following a tornado can be just as dangerous as the storm itself, and trying to clean up on your own can result in serious injury and further damage to your home. Storm damage recovery professionals, like Blackmon Mooring, can clean and restore your home safely, so that no one gets hurt. 





*Sources:  Federal Emergency Management Agency 


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written by Alex, May 22, 2012
Safety following a natural disaster is important. It is best to get information from local authorities, who will monitor the situation and mobilize assistance.

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