Meet Maggie Hendrix Raprich

Meet Maggie Hendrix Raprich, our charming and enthusiastic Priority Response Coordinator in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 1.)  How long have you been with Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT? Almost 5 years 2.)  Who did your first in-person interview? What was your first impression? Ray McPherson & Cole Coulson. My first impression was: “Whoa. Cole has a […]

Your Complete Guide to Water Damage Services

Complete Guide To Water Damage Restoration

Your Complete Guide to Water Damage Services Whether it’s a pipe break or a natural disaster, you have water damage. But it’s more than just what you see. Here’s your guide to the water damage services you need. Keyword(s): water damage services When you’ve discovered water damage in your home, it can be tempting to […]

Water Always Wins: Part 2

Below is a continuation of our Water Always Wins blog. Click here to read the first entry. The next few weeks seemed to move at a snails pace. We spent most of our days meeting with insurance adjusters and the water damage recovery team that we chose to clean up the water. We received the […]

Independence Day

The 4th of July is on a Tuesday this year and many Americans will have the day off. The anniversary of the Continental Congress approving the final Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, is one of my favorite holidays. Honestly, I love all patriotic events. When the Olympics are on, my family must endure […]

Water Always Wins: Part 1

Water always wins. I’ve heard this quotation many times and never thought much about it. It made sense to me. If you have ever seen rivers that cut their way through rocks and canyons, weaving and turning their way downhill its not hard to accept that water is powerful. Waterfalls and long flowing rivers are […]

Odor Removal with Hydroxyl Generators

Odor Removal and Restoration Odor removal is a critical part of almost any restoration project. Fully eliminating odors has always been difficult since each project has unique challenges. Fire and soot restoration jobs, for example, can be particularly tricky. Fires damages more than just the burned and charred areas you can see. Soot and smoke […]

Is This the Year for the Big One?

Last week, I was traveling and went through a small Florida city. Standing on the courthouse lawn was a sign that said, “Hurricane Season starts in 18 days”. The countdown is on. Are you ready if the big one hits this year? Because of the weather and early spring storms, there is some anticipation that […]

Fire Damage Restoration Tips

We recently partnered with RIMKUS for a “live burn” – which basically meant we were going to burn down a box, which replicated the living room in a home. We worked closely with the kind folks from the Pasadena Fire Department to hold this controlled burn in the parking lot of the Pasadena Convention Center […]

Egg-cited for Easter

Egg-cited for Easter

Easter is one of my favorite holidays – bright and happy pastel colors, the excitement in my son’s eyes as he waits for the cue to start hunting for eggs, quality family-time and so much more! That’s why this blog is dedicated to providing inspiring ideas, tips and tricks throughout the week so you can […]

The Experts In Cleaning, Recovery & Restoration for Over 65 Years

Blackmon Mooring has been providing quality service to homes and businesses since 1948. To this day, we’ve been the trusted name companies and families call for cleaning and restoration needs. Our technicians receive the highest level of training for cleaning and restoration services. We are certified with NADCA, IAQA, and IICRC. 24-Hour Emergency Response 877-730-1948 […]