DucTales – Providing the cleanest indoor air quality

DucTales Providing the Cleanest Indoor Air Quality

Based on an interview with Paul Schulze, Blackmon Mooring Vice President In 1948, Blackmon Mooring founders began a furniture re-upholstery business in Fort Worth. After the Trinity River levee broke in May of 1949, our founders were there to help clean up in the aftermath of the major flooding. It was their first foray into […]

Potential Energy Savings

How can air duct cleaning reduce energy costs in your home or office

It takes a lot of energy to heat and cool your home or business. In fact, studies have shown that heating, ventilating and air conditioning accounts for 30% of the energy used in the average home or small business. And in larger buildings, heating and air conditioning can account for almost half of the monthly […]

Indoor Air Quality Concerns

Indoor Air Quality Concerns

When thinking about air pollution, words that might come to mind are smog, greenhouse gasses, and global warming. Although these issues have been problems for decades, it hasn’t been until recently that we have acknowledged the significance of a cleaner environment and identified ways to help improve outdoor air quality. What about indoor air quality? […]

Earthquakes: Drop, Cover and Hold On

Preparing for an earthquake

You can’t anticipate when an earthquake will happen, or where it will happen. The only thing you can do is plan ahead. Are you prepared for an earthquake? What is an earthquake exactly? An earthquake is the sudden, rapid shaking of the earth, caused by the breaking and shifting of subterranean rock as it releases […]