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Summertime Bucket List

Summertime Bucket List As the end of the school year quickly approaches, now is a good time to start planning all your summertime activities. Summer is all about spending time with friends and family, so what is on your bucket list this year? If you are struggling for some ideas, take a look at the […]

Summer Season Safety for Kids

Summer Season Safety for Kids Summer. School is out and the sun is shining, it is an exciting time of the year! Before the fun begins, take a few minutes to review these safety tips to ensure the upcoming months are a success! Emergency Information Printable If trouble strikes, will your family know what to […]

Outdoor Entertaining this summer

Outdoor Entertaining this Summer Do you love entertaining? Inviting friends and family over for dinner and conversation is one of my favorite things to do! That’s why I thought it would be helpful to put together this blog and feature a few fun outdoor entertaining ideas for you to use this summer! Party Pointers for […]

Indoor Crafts

Indoor Craft Ideas Take a break from the summer heat and entertain the kids with these indoor crafts! Family Fun Summertime Crafts Build Sleepover Tents Summertime has come, so it’s time for sleepover fun! Not only do they collapse for easy storage, but the kiddos can have fun choosing how they the fabric for their tents, […]

Outdoor Summer Activities

Outdoor Summer Activities Looking for some outdoor activities this summer to entertain kids of all ages? If so, we’ve got you covered! Summertime Water Activities Make a GIANT Water Bed What better way to cool off from the summer sun than on an outdoor water bed? Made from drop cloths and duct tape, this outdoor toy […]

Clean Up for Summer

Summer Cleaning Tips Summer — the word brings visions of sunshine, relaxation and care-free days. Unfortunately, with the kids at home, areas of your home still need to be cleaned. While the weather is warm and sunny, tackle these home projects and enjoy mess-free summer months. Tackle Window Cleaning When the sun shines brightly through […]

Your Complete Guide to Water Damage Services

Your Complete Guide to Water Damage Services Whether it’s a pipe break or a natural disaster, you have water damage. But it’s more than just what you see. Here’s your guide to the water damage services you need. Keyword(s): water damage services When you’ve discovered water damage in your home, it can be tempting to […]

Independence Day

The 4th of July is on a Tuesday this year and many Americans will have the day off. The anniversary of the Continental Congress approving the final Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, is one of my favorite holidays. Honestly, I love all patriotic events. When the Olympics are on, my family must endure […]

Water Always Wins: Part 1

Water always wins. I’ve heard this quotation many times and never thought much about it. It made sense to me. If you have ever seen rivers that cut their way through rocks and canyons, weaving and turning their way downhill its not hard to accept that water is powerful. Waterfalls and long flowing rivers are […]

Is This the Year for the Big One?

Last week, I was traveling and went through a small Florida city. Standing on the courthouse lawn was a sign that said, “Hurricane Season starts in 18 days”. The countdown is on. Are you ready if the big one hits this year? Because of the weather and early spring storms, there is some anticipation that […]