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What flood insurance does and doesn’t cover

What flood insurance does and doesn’t cover Most homeowners assume that their home insurance plans cover flooding, when in truth they do not. Typically, most standard homeowner’s insurance plans do not cover flood damage – whether it be caused by extreme weather or other external forces. Flooding is the most common natural disaster in America, […]

What causes water pipes to burst in the winter months?

What causes water pipes to burst in the winter months? When temperatures drop below freezing during winter months, exposed pipes become at risk of bursting – resulting in extensive water damage and costly repairs. Contributing factors that cause burst pipes in winter months are water molecule expansion due to freezing temperatures and pressure build up. […]

What is water damage cleanup?

Water Damage Cleanup Process One of the most overwhelming problems a property owner may faces is water damage. Rapid response is key to lessen further damage from occurring and can minimize the need for addition repairs. Water damage can be as minor as a leaky pipe, to severe as a community-wide flood. Although the water […]

The First 24 Hours: What You Need to Do to Save a Flooded House

What You Need to Do for Your Flooded House Is your house in danger of flooding? The first 24 hours after water intrusion are critical. Here’s what you need to do to help save your flooded home. What if the fate of your home depended on what you did in the next few minutes? For […]

Even Kitchen Fires Can Damage Your HVAC System

What Smoke From Kitchen Fires Can Do to Your Heating and Cooling System Even the smoke from a small kitchen fire can carry particles into your vents. Here’s why you should get your HVAC system decontaminated after a fire. Between 2011 and 2013, commercial kitchen fires caused an estimated $116 million of property damage. Though most […]

Storm Damage Restoration: Important Steps to Take After The Storm Has Passed

 Steps to Take To Ensure Your Safety & Start The Restoration Process After The Storm Has Passed The damage your home withstands during a storm can be devastating, leaving you feeling lost and overwhelmed. Here are some important steps to take when faced with storm damage restoration. Texas is no stranger to severe weather. Even […]

When is Restoration Necessary? 8 Common Signs of Water Damage in Your Home

8 Common Signs of Water Damage After a severe storm your home may begin to display signs of water damage. Here’s what to look out for. As a homeowner, are you aware of the potential damages your home could face in the event of a large storm? Do you know how to spot the signs of […]

Home Flood Protection: 8 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe in a Storm

Tips to Keep Your Home Safe in a Storm Few things are scarier than a big storm headed your way. Here are our top 8 home flood protection tips to help you keep your home safe in the storm. The prevalence of weather-related disasters is on the rise. Last year, in fact, 16 different billion-dollar […]

The Water Damage Restoration Process

The Water Damage Restoration Process Our friendly customer service representatives will ask you a series of questions to determine the appropriate response. Emergency Response: Our 24-hour emergency response services ensure that our crews will be on-site within hours of your call. As the leader in the water damage restoration industry, we promptly dispatch the right […]

Water Damage and its Causes

Water Damage and its Causes  Water damage takes many forms ranging from water intrusions and overflows to storm surges, accumulated water condensation, and seepage. The nature and cause of the water damage will often dictate the appropriate response. As a full-service water damage and restoration company, we can handle all forms of water damage including: […]