Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning

Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT’s tile and grout cleaning services make use of specialized cleaning solutions combined with a high-pressure hot water rinse and vacuum recovery system.

Our process helps to ensure that even the hardest to reach grime is removed. Our trained technicians can treat all types of tile and grout surfaces. In fact, our tile and grout cleaning process is the most inexpensive way to restore your floors to an almost brand new appearance. As years of dirt and build-up are removed, your tile will gleam with a renewed splendor.

We also recommend tile and grout sealant be applied after every cleaning. Be sure to ask our certified tile and grout cleaning professional about its advantages.

The Importance of Clean Tiles and Grout

Having tiled floors and walls is preferred in bathrooms and kitchens due to the excellent durability, cost-effectiveness and ease of maintenance of the materials used. However, while ceramic tiles themselves might be easy to keep clean, the biggest problem tends to be looking after the grout. Even with regular cleaning, a tiled surface can start looking terrible within a matter of months because of the buildup of dirt, mold and grime in the grouting lines between the tiles. The grout, either cement- or epoxy-based, is what helps to hold the tiles in place, but over time, dirt and cracks may occur to the extent that it needs to be replaced. Fortunately, a professional clean can usually give the surfaces a new lease of life without requiring any major work to be done to the floor. Cleaning tiles and grout not only makes the floor look better: it also helps to eliminate bad odors and improve air quality by removing mold and other microorganisms.

High-Pressure Rinsing

We use specialized equipment to clear grime from those hard-to-reach places between the tiles, giving the entire surface a deep clean in the process. This fast and powerful cleaning hardware works by spraying jets of hot water at an adequate pressure to lift and rinse the dirt and grime from all areas of the surface. Unlike cleaning with a mop, or even more rigorously by hand with a sponge, our washing can reach into those inaccessible places. Thanks to the cutting-edge hardware that we use, washing your tile and grout is a relatively quick, simple and affordable process that will have your bathroom or kitchen floors and walls looking like new in no time. Our tile and grout cleaning methods are suitable for any ceramic tile surface.

Sealant for Tiles and Grout

Due to the fact that cleaning can remove existing sealant, we strongly recommend resealing of the surface to protect it and extend its lifespan. After a professional cleaning, it is the perfect time to apply a new layer of sealant to prevent mold, mildew and stains from getting into the grout and keeping it looking cleaner for longer. In showers and other areas with tiled surfaces which regularly get deluged in water, a sealant is not required due to the fact that a waterproof, epoxy-based grout is used. However, sealant is still required for tiled surfaces that use cement-based grout since this type of grout is porous and will collect water. Grouting lines may be sealed using an applicator and a brush to apply the substance.

Maintaining Tiled Surfaces

Optimal maintenance for tiled surfaces varies depending on its purpose and the amount of water that it is subject to. Consider the following tips for caring for your tiled floors in the future:

  • Regularly sweep or vacuum the floor to remove loose dirt that may otherwise scratch the surface.
  • After removing loose dirt, mop the floor once per week or more using a suitable detergent and a fresh mop.
  • Try using a mixture or white vinegar and warm water to remove greasy stains on tiled surfaces before rinsing them with fresh water.
  • You can often clean minor stains on cement-based grout by using an old toothbrush and applying a mix of baking soda and water.

It is particularly important to maintaining your shower tiles, or any other tiles that regularly get a lot of water on them. Poor maintenance can quickly lead to a buildup of harmful mold on these types of grouted surfaces. Fortunately, regular cleaning using soap and water should keep your shower tiles looking fresh, although they may also need a more intensive clean on occasion. Moldy surfaces can usually be cleaned by using any basic household cleaning product.

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