Residential & Commercial Emergency Repairs Experts

If the damage to your home or facility is not addressed in a timely manner after disaster strikes, the risk increases for additional problems to arise, some of which could cause permanent impairment.

Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT offer teams of fully trained and certified damage restoration technicians. With compassion and knowledge, our teams respond to emergency home repairs striving to achieve these key requirements:

Sensitivity And Urgency

Regardless of the type of disaster your property encountered, acting quickly after the damage has occurred is extremely important. When our 24-hour contact center receives your call, our emergency response teams move into action. We understand the emotional upset and trauma property owners experience and work considerately and quickly to mitigate the damage. Our teams focus on identifying any salvageable items including metals, fixtures, belongings and other contents. Using our scientifically advanced cleaning techniques and processes we try to restore items if the cost to do so is less than the replacement cost.

Accuracy in Assessments And Explanations

Our certified technicians assess the true extent of the damage through a detailed inspection. We work to communicate with our customers to ensure they know what they can do, what they can expect and where we are throughout the process.

Exhaustive Treatment And Respect

If necessary, treatment can include professional deodorization, complete sanitizing and cleaning, removal of odor and smoke, as well as cleaning of the air ducts and vents. We take the utmost care and respect when handling your property and all the belongings inside it.