Storm Damage Repair

If your home or facility has been damaged by storms and water intrusion, it is vitally important to begin recovery immediately. Without an immediate response, you risk additional damage as water continues to seep into walls, floors, and furniture. Any delays could potentially lead to structural damage and potential mold growth.

When you call Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT’s 24-hour response center, teams will rush to your premise to secure your property and begin getting the water mitigation and restoration process underway. We work with most major insurance companies and can communicate directly with your adjuster to help you have the smoothest experience possible.

Our Storm Restoration Services Include:

  • Tarp and Board-Up
  • Water Extraction
  • Drying of Carpet and Other Building Materials
  • Packing, Barcoding, Moving and Secure Storage of Contents
  • Complete Furniture and Content Restoration

The Importance of a Timely Response

Water intrusion is common when a building has been damaged by a storm. For example, if a window is blown out, rain and flood waters can enter the property. If your home or facility is located near a creek, river, coastline, or another body of water, rising flood waters or storm surge could also pose a threat. Regardless of the cause for water intrusion, taking action immediately after the storm passes is the key.

Water needs to be removed, and everything should be dried as quickly as possible. Lingering water will cause more damage. Not only can it spread to other areas of the property (as a result of gravity), it produces optimal conditions for mold growth. Soaked items will likely deteriorate if untouched for an extended period. Water can also ruin insulation, electrical systems, baseboards, cabinetry, drywall and other building materials, as well as potentially lead to structural damage.

Emergency Storm Damage Response

Our 24-hour response center exists specifically for situations like storm damage. We will immediately dispatch a team to begin the water mitigation and restoration process. Within hours of your call, we’ll be on-site, working diligently to stop the flow of water from causing further damage.

In fact, most insurance policies require policyholders to mitigate storm damage as soon as it is safe and practical. Our tarp and board-up services can help to fulfill this obligation. Additionally, we work with most major insurance carriers and can speak directly to your claims adjuster throughout the process.

Storm Damage Restoration Services

We offer comprehensive storm restoration services tailored to your specific needs. Some of the more common services required include:

  • Tarp up and board-up service: This is a top priority as securing your property from sustaining further damage is essential in controlling your costs and complying with insurance policy requirements. It is also essential in easing your mind.
  • Water extraction: After the intrusion entry points have been secured, we then begin the process of extracting water from your structure and belongings. We use powerful water extraction equipment to quickly remove large quantities of water.
  • Drying of carpet, furnishings and building materials: After extraction, we start the dry-out process using industrial blowers and drying equipment.
  • Storing your contents: We may also need to remove items from your property in order to properly mitigate the damage. We carefully pack, barcode, move and store these belongings in our secure storage facilities.
  • Complete furniture and content restoration: Salvageable items will be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and restored.

Why Choose Us for Storm Damage Restoration?

Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT are leaders in the storm damage restoration industry, and we are fully equipped to do the job right the first time. We understand the urgency associated with storm damage and stand committed to helping mitigate the damage.

We also know how disconcerting storm damage can be. Not only has your home or business been compromised by a storm, your valued belongings are at risk. We are experienced at restoring everything from carpets and drapes to drywall. Our reconstruction services help to rebuild your house back into a home again or get your company back up and running.

We work around the clock because storms can strike at any time. Our in-house 24/7 call center is staffed with knowledgeable, friendly and professional representatives trained in the art of customer service. You can count on us to quickly determine the urgency of your call and respond accordingly by dispatching certified storm restoration technicians to your property.

Contact us anytime, day or night, for storm damage restoration services.