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Fire, water and storm damage can devastate commercial and private property, but luckily for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Blackmon Mooring’s cleaning, restoration and reconstruction services are available to mitigate these damages and quickly get life back to normal. We have built our reputation as the experts and industry leaders in reestablishing businesses and restoring homes throughout the community.

Carpet Cleaning

Routine vacuuming is a core component of carpet maintenance, but to most effectively keep carpets looking clean and increasing their longevity, professional carpet cleaning is recommended every year and a half to two years. Homes or businesses that experience high volumes of foot traffic should be cleaned more frequently to minimize the wear and tear on carpets.

Blackmon Mooring uses the most sophisticated method available, hot water extraction, which removes bacteria and dirt from deep within carpet fibers without using potentially damaging detergents or shampoos. The hot water extraction process extends your carpet’s lifespan without leaving behind the harmful residues that some detergents and shampoos can.

Breathe Easy

Dirty air ducts can turn into breeding grounds for dust mites and become receptacles for dust particles, pollen, dander, mold and mildew spores. The presence of these allergens can transform your home or business from a safe, healthy environment to one that could be a potential health risk for your family, coworkers or customers. Although a light amount of accumulated dirt isn’t harmful, a time will come when you will need your air ducts professionally cleaned.

Blackmon Mooring uses specialized equipment to reach through ducts while deploying EPA-registered disinfectants that kill most germs, bacteria, mold and mildew embedded deep within your air ducts. Our technicians access each duct and HVAC unit, which helps ensure a complete, thorough clean for your entire system.

The air duct cleaning process follows a series of simple steps:

  • A pre-inspection review of the system’s level of contamination enables our professionals to design the most appropriate and thorough cleaning and disinfectant procedure for your unique property and HVAC system.
  • We then clean the interior surfaces of the furnace, A/C unit and coil using specialized equipment.
  • The blower unit, an integral part of the system that pushes air throughout the building, is then thoroughly cleaned, along with the supply and return registers, ducts and grills.
  • Our technicians then install new air filters to help kill odors and maintain a cleaner, higher quality of air inside your home or business.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile floors and walls are durable, cost-effective investments but require upkeep and maintenance to preserve their aesthetic appeal and continued functionality. Although tiles themselves are easy to clean, maintaining the integrity of the grout during cleaning is another matter entirely.

Blackmon Mooring uses specialized equipment that eliminates grime and dirt between tiles with focused jets of hot water at an adjusted pressure to lift and rinse dirt without damaging the grout or tile. Technicians can reseal surfaces after a cleaning to prevent buildup of mold, mildew and stains from reoccurring, keeping your tile and grout cleaner for longer periods of time.

  • Optimal maintenance for tiled surfaces in your home or business varies and depends on its purpose and the amount of water used to treat it. Consider the following when caring for your tiled floors in the future:
  • Regularly sweeping or vacuuming the floor to remove loose dirt and abrasive materials can help prevent scratches to the tile’s surface.
  • Mopping floors once per week, after they’ve been swept, using a suitable detergent and a fresh mop will reduce the need for as frequent professional cleaning.
  • We suggest utilizing a mixture of white vinegar and warm water to remove greasy stains on tiled surfaces, after which the area should be rinsed with fresh water.
  • You can attempt to remove minor stains on cement-based grout by using an old toothbrush and applying a mixture of baking soda and water. If this method is ineffective you may need to consult with a professional tile cleaning company.

Eliminate Furniture Stains

Over-the-counter detergents and stain removers can only do so much to remove stains, oftentimes doing more harm to your furniture’s fabric than good. Having your furniture professionally cleaned and restored is usually cheaper than replacing it and faster than doing it yourself. Protecting your furniture is our highest priority when you hire us for furniture or upholstery cleaning, which is why an integral part of our pre-examination process is determining whether your fabric may have any adverse reactions to our cleaners.

From there we remove stains accordingly, using special methods suited for your fabric. Spills on furniture are inevitable, but we can apply specialized products to help protect these surfaces from future occurrences that can otherwise cause permanent damage. We also sanitize and deodorize your home or business’s furniture to remove allergens and accumulated dirt.

Another way to protect the longevity of your furniture is to vacuum and clean it regularly. We suggest using dust brush attachments on non-upholstered areas to avoid scratching surfaces, and recommend you clean on a weekly basis to extend the lifespan of your furniture.

Water Damage Repairs

Water is an elusive threat, finding its way through walls, floors, ceilings, furniture and other contents of your property, wreaking havoc along the way. It can even occur behind drywall without you realizing anything is wrong until significant damage has already occurred.

Water damage takes different forms, ranging from water intrusions to condensation and seepage.

Blackmon Mooring acts quickly to minimize water damage to your possessions by rapidly analyzing and acting upon the first signs of water damage. Our restoration teams devise an appropriate response and act accordingly in a step-by-step process:

  • Emergency response: Teams are assembled and dispatched within hours of your initial call.
  • Property care: We restore waterlogged items if the replacement costs exceed repair costs. Our consultants walk you through the entire process and restoration plan prior to starting work.
  • Fast dry-out: Technicians extract water using specialized equipment before installing blowers and dryers to further reduce moisture and speed up the drying out process.
  • Disinfect: We deploy EPA-approved disinfectants to minimize the presence of fungi, mold, viruses and other microorganisms that may have appeared as a result of the water intrusion.

Dealing with Fire and Smoke Damage

Damage from fire and smoke can have devastating effects on your home or business. We take a series of steps and precautions when treating residences and businesses for smoke and fire damage:

  • Preventative measures: To start, we seal off the area containing ash and residue from the rest of the building.
  • Water extraction and drying (if necessary): Because of sprinkler systems and the efforts of firefighters, fire and smoke damage is often accompanied by water damage. We quickly extract water you’re your property using commercial-grade water extraction equipment, blowers and dryers.
  • Salvage and disposal: We restore rugs, furniture, clothing and other items if restoring costs are cheaper than replacement costs. Our technicians have decades of experience and the equipment necessary to eliminate the smoke smell left behind in your belongings. Blackmon Mooring also offers additional storage space for these items to be housed during the restoration process.
  • Thorough cleaning: Cleaning begins after water is removed, and involves disinfecting and deodorizing carpets, walls, drapes, furniture, ceilings, cabinetry and other surfaces.

Our reputation and experience in fire damage and smoke removal restoration means our teams are trained and equipped with the tools, supplies, dedication and expertise to get the job done right the first time.

Mold Remediation

Mold is a common threat to both residential and commercial properties. Although mold primarily affects older buildings in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, even new structures are susceptible to mold given the right environmental circumstances. Exposure to mold can cause severe health effects for people exposed to the structure, especially those with allergies, asthma or other breathing issues, which is why it’s essential to address mold quickly.

Mold thrives in damp, high-temperature areas of buildings, often due to plumbing or roofing leaks caused by storm damage, flooding or heavy rains. Our technicians are certified in mold remediation and capable of pinpointing the origins of mold and effectively removing it without contaminating other areas of a building. Our technicians address the following problems:

  • Allergic reactions of employees and clients due to mold and mildew growth. Once the mold has been removed, and the source of the problem dealt with, building occupants may notice positive health effects.
  • Unpleasant and musty odors caused by common types of indoor mold. These odors, combined with the allergens, will be thoroughly removed during the remediation process, leaving a cleaner, fresher and more pleasant place to work or live.
  • Further damage caused by mold and the underlying cause of the problem. Mold growth typically indicates an underlying issue, such as poor ventilation or a leaking roof or plumbing.

Tackling a mold problem on your own can be dangerous, which is why we suggest you contact Blackmon Mooring and our professional technicians, who will ensure the job is done correctly and efficiently.

Providing Crucial, Responsive Restoration Services in Your Time of Need

Damage to your home or business’s property can happen in an instant with little or no warning at all. Fortunately, Blackmon Mooring’s technicians are always on call and ready to respond to the needs of residents and businesses in the DFW Metroplex in a flash.

A timely response is essential, and we do our best to prevent further damage by treating your home and business’s possessions with the utmost care.

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