At Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT, we understand business interruption and the difficulty associated with quantifying the costs related to operational disruption. Hospitality organizations generate large per unit revenue (i.e. heads in beds) and can typically incur business interruption losses that are several times larger than their property claims. Therefore the ability of a restoration company to react quickly, assess the situation, create a scope of work, and expeditiously implement an agreed upon plan should be key criteria in selecting a restoration firm.

Hospitality Disaster Recovery Services

Fire and Water Damage RecoveryHospitality Disaster Recovery Services

Fire and water damage can affect critical operations and guest services within hospitality facilities. Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT’s specialists provide restoration and recovery for both the structure and the contents. Moisture control services are essential to stabilize your facility and prevent further damage. We offer high-volume dehumidification units, generators and many additional services that will accelerate the recovery process.

Customer Data

All too often, damage to active and archive record storage facilities and/or your technological infrastructure occurs following fire or water intrusion. Customer Relationship Management is key to your competitive advantage in the marketplace; your ability to access, assimilate, and leverage customer data is critical to the success of your facility. The window for recovery is very small for records; time is of the essence for optimal recovery. Our technicians are specifically trained in the handling of records to ensure and protect client and corporate privacy while optimizing successful data recovery.

Bacterial and Viral Infection

Mold, Bacterial, ViralBlackmon Mooring & BMS CAT work to stay abreast of all governmental, scientific, and technological changes that could affect the remediation of facilities exposed to various infections. The hospitality industry has a heightened responsibility regarding the safety of its customers. Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT have extensive experience with microbial/viral issues, and you can count on us to provide a clean and safe environment for your guests.

Mold Assessment and Remediation

Addressing the growth of mold in a timely manner can help minimize the extent of damage it can do to your hospitality facility. We will perform a thorough assessment, and seal off the work area to prevent mold spores from contaminating other areas of your property.

Indoor Air Quality

Guests that stay at your property expect a clean and healthy environment. Unpleasant odors and contaminated HVAC systems in rooms or meeting spaces can detour patrons from staying with you in the future. It’s important to inspect your air conveyance system annually to insure that you are providing the highest Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) possible for your guests. Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT offer a variety of deep cleaning services to help you maintain your facility, such as carpet cleaning, HVAC decontamination and mold remediation.

Unique Catastrophic Losses

Large-scale catastrophic events like 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina have brought even greater attention to the need to proactively prepare for disaster. Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT can be your partner in even the toughest times, whether they are the result of a natural disaster or other catastrophic event. We are committed to restoring your business operations as quickly as possible through our Priority Disaster Response Program.