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Wells Branch – Austin Fire/Smoke Damage Restoration | Mold Remediation | Water Damage Restoration

Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT are your local solution for restoration and remediation services in Austin. Our 24-hour contact center operates to help residential and commercial customers facing disasters such as water damage, fire/smoke damage and mold problems.

Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup and Restoration Services in Wells Branch

Fire & Water DamageFire damage is an issue that requires expert attention. Since disasters, like a fire, don’t always happen during normal business hours, you need a fire and smoke damage restoration company that can respond to your loss at any time – day or night. At Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT, we can mobilize an emergency response team to your property within hours of your call.

As a team of professionals, we have the experience, knowledge, and resources to tackle complex restoration projects resulting from fire and smoke damage. We are equipped with the necessary tools to safely, and quickly, restore your residential or commercial property. From removing soot and smoke residue to repairing charred surfaces, our professionals work to restore your property back to its previous condition.

Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT can handle all aspects of fire and smoke damage cleanup and restoration in Wells Branch, Texas. We are your local based restoration company in Austin. In addition, we have other locations across the nation, which means we will always be able to handle your restoration project, no matter how large it is.

No DIY | Expert Mold Removal Services in Wells Branch near Austin

Did you know that everyday cleaning agents and over the counter items cannot effectively kill mold? In fact, attempting to fix a mold problem yourself could actually make it worse by spreading the mold growth to other previously uncontaminated areas. Furthermore, without the proper equipment and tools, you could harm yourself just from making contact with the mold.

To make sure that the mold removal process is safe and complete, you should employ the services of a professional. What does a professional mold remediation company mean? Basically, you want to hire a company with extensive experience in mold removal. After all, there are typically other issues that need to be addressed once you start the process.

Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT have been providing mold remediation services to homes and businesses for decades. Our in-depth mold removal process allows us to identify the cause of the mold growth, along with determine the best solution for extraction. Call Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT for safe and efficient mold removal and remediation services in Wells Branch.

Wells Branch Emergency Water Removal and Water Damage Restoration in Austin, TX

Every minute counts when you want to fully recover from water damage. Our comprehensive water damage restoration process allows us to get your property back up and running as quickly as possible. This process involves:

  • Water removal to quickly extract water from the premises. This sometimes includes removing water from floors, carpets, baseboards and the walls of your home or business. Using advanced water extraction equipment, we make the process move quickly to mitigate further damage to your property and contents.
  • Drying and dehumidification is an important part of the restoration process. Controlling the moisture inside your home or facility allows us to properly dry all areas. If this step isn’t properly implemented, the potential increases for other problems. For example, remaining moisture can possibly lead to mold or mildew problems. If necessary, we may need to open up areas of your property, such as the drywall, to properly extract all water and dry the space.
  • Sanitizing to eliminate pathogens or other contaminants that were introduced to the affected areas from the water damage.
  • Restoring the structure and contents, such as carpets, upholstery or furniture.
  • Coordinating with your insurance company throughout the road towards recovery. 

From start to finish, our water damage restoration specialists work to restore your property to pre- damage conditions. You can rely on Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT to be there for you in your time of need.